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10 places you must visit in Sydney with a campervan

It is one thing to go on a vacation in a hotel or resort when you visit Sydney, but it’s a more exciting way to explore this vast land with a campervan rental. It’s cheaper than you can imagine, once you find the right Sydney campervan hire company, you can roll out their newest wheels for an affordable amount. Next, you need to know where it will be most convenient to go for a drive on your newly acquired wheels. This is not easy to choose the best places because Sydney is a large city, nevertheless, here are some of the best places to visit in Sydney.

Lane Cove River Tourist Park

This is a luxurious tourist park which even has a pool! Motorhome rental spaces and cabins are plenty here as well. This is a better way to turn this beautiful park into your residence for the night.


Royal National Park

Royal National Park

To the south of the city is this great park with its ambiance and serenity. Inside this park are several campsites to choose from. This is an ideal location if you are visiting with kids for them to have plenty of space to play in calm and safe waters.


Blue Mountains


This vast, gorgeous piece of earth has many exciting viewpoints and trails for lovers of exploration and is merely 100 km drive from Sydney.


Bondi Beach


This refers to both a suburb and a beach in the city of Sydney, NSW. Like all Australia’s beaches, it has an honorable place among the best beaches in the world and is totally worth a trial.


Darling Harbor


After you find parking for your RV hire away from the city preferably at a nearby camping site, you can take a train or walk back to the city center. The national maritime museum and aquarium is one facility you should check out among other key interests here.


The Caves of Margaret River


If you are feeling adventurous, this is one place you should not miss out on. The caves are simply magnificent with Mother Nature’s finest art and craft. They are of historical significance too.


Sydney Harbor National Park


The harbor is an excellent place to have some quiet family time with a perfect view of the harbor. This park will offer you what the city cannot, quiet and calm.


Kangaroo Island


Even with the name, still, there are other cute koalas, dolphins, emu, sea lions, wallabies among many another animals to find on the island.


Royal Botanical Gardens


Deep in the heart of Sydney is the internationally renowned Royal Botanical Gardens lying near Circular Quay. Visit this garden on Monday to discover some rare and the beautiful landscaping.


Yellowstone National Park


Whether you plan on visiting in winter or summer, the Yellowstone national park has always got a wide array of exciting activities to keep you warm inside. You can choose from twelve campgrounds in the park.


Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park


The last but hardly the least place you must visit in Sydney with a campervan is the great Ku-ring-gai Chase national park which is, in fact, the largest and most exciting of all. As much as you may not cover its entire area in exploration, you may want to make it home even for a single night.

In conclusion, you realize the trick lies not only in locating the cheapest most luxurious Campervan hire in Sydney you can afford but also knowing which places you must visit in Sydney with a campervan. This way, you will be able to derive the most fun and value from your time and money well spent down here with convenience.