Campervan Rental Sydney

You’ve hired an RV. Now what to pack?

As the date draws near, you know that you need to pack something to bring along on your RV hire and self-drive holiday. As for the gents, often you might end up packing too little causing inconveniences on your trip. It’s not always cool buying a new everything and then you don’t feel like yourself anymore. Hopefully this article will ease things a little for you even though the temptation to pack the garden or nothing but your wallet still lingers. We will start with the most vital documents and then move on to personal effects and other things “you can live without and finally the ones you carry as a precaution.



These are perhaps the most vital items you should put down on top of your packing list. Without these your trip might not be a very pleasant one and therefore you should make sure you have them on yourself for inspection at all time during the trip. Also do not keep them with the rest of the luggage as they might get lost somehow and get you in big trouble. To an international incident do carry;
Driver’s license (yours is sufficient provided it is in English or you have a translation or an international driving permit) make sure that you get in touch with the Motorhome Hire Sydney company to make sure you are familiar with their vehicle model and transfer.
Airline tickets
Credit card provider details (notify your provider you are travelling)
As a failsafe, always have a copy of the originals back home with a friend so they can fax you should lose them.




It is a good precaution to carry any prescriptions you have had from your doctor with you in case you fall ill and need medical assistance from an Australian doctor. Also you can bring some fresh supplies for the first aid kit so you won’t incur absurd costs when you use the one provided by most RV Hire Sydney companies.




In Australia you will experience a very wide range of temperatures and other elements, you will not even be sure you are on the same continent. With that in mind pack a little something for every kind of weather and a pair of comfortable walking shoes plus rubber thongs to hit public showers.




Carry the usual, just what you can’t live without. Remember that here in Australia you cannot live without sunscreen and some insect repellent too will come in handy.




You may need a special power adapter to use plugs in Australia so please check compatibility and adjust accordingly. Normally, you will need the following to hype your tech, music and photo experience during your vacation;

– Phone (check with carrier to see if it works)
– Ipod and headphones
– Dvds
– Cameras
– Digital watch
Finally, you need to choose a foldable light sports f duffle type bag to pack your belongings in. this will save you much needed space on your Campervan Hire Sydney motorhome because once you empty the contents; you can fold it and tuck it away.