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Where Do You Travel with Your Campervan?

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If you are an avid traveler, you know what I am talking about! If you are just a beginner, you will soon fall in love with camping. Let’s get one with nature and do some serious camper talk.

What kind of camping do you like to do? If you have a campervan, you know the ease of traveling with all the conveniences of home. You have nothing to do but pack it with your supplies and food and GO! The land is open to you. The road just leads you from one historic place to another.

Where you set your destination is important. That will let you know what you will need to bring with you. Take into consideration the weather, the terrain, the distance and the length of stay when you are planning out your trip. A weather radio will be a great need when out in the open. You may not have a satellite signal for a radio or television to receive weather bulletins.

Nature is so unpredictable. You had better be equipped with a good pair of binoculars and a great camera. There will be plenty of animals and landscape you keep you occupied for a while. Go hiking through the trails. Ride your bicycle along the paths. Walk around the campground. Expect to find something beautiful and wonderful to look at and photo.

We keep a photo album of each trip we take and the grandchildren love to look at it. We show them pictures of flowers, animals, trees, rocks, boats, barges, other campers, clouds, fishermen, sunsets and sunrises, moon phases, water and on and on. There is never a dull moment when camping.

If you like to take a tent, you are in for a much more tedious journey. Everything has to be packed up separately and then set up when you arrive at your destination. You still get to enjoy the outdoor passions, but have a little more work to do. You also have an advantage, as you can set up anywhere.

Whatever you use to camp in, you have an awesome chance to see some of the most natural surroundings. Some lakes and rivers are man made, but they too offer much to see and explore. Just be prepared to add camping to you list of favorite hobbies, because once you go, there is no turning back. You are HOOKED!!!